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SSL Certificates

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SSL Certificates From Arahoster

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Frequently Asked Questions

SSL Certificates

Anything (including people,software, computers and hardware) that has sensitive information exchange on any network, including the Internet, could use SSL/TSL. Sensitive information such as username, passwords, credit card details or any other data should be kept private.

Yes. We provide SSL certificates through LetsEncrypt project. This means that all of your websites can be protected using HTTPS protocol. You will therefore get a free green HTTPS, throughout your entire subscription period with us.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are the methods used to secure and encrypt sensitive information such as credit cards, user names, passwords, and other private data exchanged over the Internet and any other network. SSL/TLS secure website pages are tagged with HTTPS in their URL.

Depending on the certificate's type, SSL certificates' issuance usually takes a few minutes, but it may take several days for the commercial ones to be issued.