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Server Management Services

Server Management Services Prices

Server Migration Services Only

  • Unlimited Number Of Accounts
  • Fix Broken Links After Migration
  • Ensure That All Accounts Are Working
  • The Least Downtime During Migration
  • Included For Free With the Server Management Services
  • Our Services Support All Operating Systems
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Full Server Management Service

  • Response Time within 40 minutes
  • Solving Problems Within 4 hours
  • All Inclusive Management
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Server Monitoring 24/7/365
  • Our Service Supports All Operating Systems

Server management features at Arahoster

Keep your server management on us, and use that valuable time to focus on your business growth and success instead. Arahoster focuses always on providing its customers the best services and user experience.

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Improve performance

Optimize Server Performance
Optimize Network Performance
Optimize Databases
Optimize Apache

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Emergency Support

Restore The Domain From Damaged Hard Disks
Malware Filtering
Restore Databases
Restore E-mail

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24/7 Server Management

Unlimited Support Tickets
Initial Response Time Is Within 40 Minutes
Solving Problems Within An Average Of 4 Hours
Managing All Linux Systems And Their Control Panels

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Software Installation

Control Panel Installation
Third-Party Software Installation
Web Applications Installation
Installing Any CMS Such As WordPress
Safety And Security Tools Installation
On Demand Software Installation

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Servers Migration

Full Check on Migration Compatibility
Ensuring The Migration Process Without Any Data Loss
Minimum Duration For The Migration process
E-mail And Databases Migration
Migrating Unlimited ِِِAccoٍٍِِunts
Free Migration Of Up To 50 GB

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Improving Server Security

Setting Up The Firewall
Detecting Viruses And Malware
Installing Updates And Security Patches
Kernel Patch Updates
Database Security
Protection Against Blacklisting The Server

Why Choose Arahoster's Server Management Services?

Arahoster offers proactive server management services that includes server monitoring and maintenance for all types of corporations and online service providers. Our server management team has expertise in Dedicated, VPS, Cloud Platform (such as AWS and Google Cloud) that runs on Linux and Windows operating systems. In case you didn't find your system in our plans, contact us and we will create a customized plan for you.
Arahoster manages and monitors the servers. We handle all aspects related to your server's daily operations. We will apply a set of automated services that will guarantee the most efficient performance for your server around the clock.
Arahoster's server management services include, upgrades, installations, troubleshooting, monitoring, operating system updates and more. You can be sure that managing your server at Arahoster will be done properly and for a very reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers may help you with your inquieries

We support all major control panels. We specialize in cPanel, Directadmin and Plesk.

All tickets will get a responce within 40 minutes. As for solving the issues, it is harder to give an accurate answer. Problems are resolved within an average of 4 hours. Some issues are resolved within an hour while others may take longer than average, and we always appreciate your patience. So it depends on what the problem is.

100% of our technicians are cPanel certified, 80% are Redhat certified, And 90% of them are engineering graduates. Many staff members also has Parallels, Cisco, AWS, Microsoft and other certificates. Arahoster partners are supporting us.

Yes, Linux / Unix is supported.

Yes, we install third-party softwares such as LitsSpeed, Niginx, ShOUTcast, Centova Cast, RVSkin, Fantastico, Softaculous, ImageMagick, GD, ClamAV, Java, Red5, etc. Let us know if you want to install any other software, we will install it for free.

We monitor the following: Root Partition, Total Processes, Server Load, CSF, Free Space, MYSQL, Mail Queue, ServerTime, HTTP, Zombie Processes, Clam, FTP, IMAP, SSH, SSMTP, PING, Swap Usage.