Remember that you always have a 30-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

During any cancellation or refund request of the paid service, we'll act in a fair and impartial manner to solve any problem the client may encounter. If the service is not suitable for the client or if the service does not meet the client's expectations, we'll try to act in the best interest of the client in accordance with Arahoster's terms of use and service.

Plan Renewal Policy

The client is aware that purchasing or subscribing to Arahoster’s services is based on periodic automatic billing, except when the client requests a cancellation of one or all the purchased services.

None of the renewal payments are eligible for a refund. And it is the client’s responsibility alone to update his/her own billing and payment information. The client is also solely responsible for both paying on time or canceling the service before the bill is due.

Renewals at Arahoster are done automatically at midnight GMT. This is why all cancellation requests must be done 24 hours before 11:59 GMT of the due date. If the renewal date is for example 01/01/2019, then the cancellation must be done before 11:59 on the 30th. All payments that take place after that will not be eligible for a refund.

If the client failed to pay the renewal bill before it is due, and the bill gets the status “Overdue”, then Arahoster has the right to suspend the account until the renewal payment amount is received.

Service Cancellation By The Client:

All the services at Arahoster can be canceled by the client at any time. Only cancellation requests done through the client area are eligible and will be revised by our team. The cancellation is dependent on the date and time the client chooses when filing the cancellation request. After submitting the cancellation request to the client, the account will be suspended, or the service will be canceled either right away or on the date, the client chose in the cancellation request.

The client is aware and understands that the company keeps a backup copy of the account for no more than 7 days after the cancellation is in effect. 7 days after the cancellation, all the data related to the account will be deleted. That includes The canceled account, backup copies, and any other information or data related to the account. After the cancellation is in effect, the company cannot be held responsible for data loss due to termination or cancellation.

Refund Terms:

  1. The client has the right to a refund in case of submitting a cancellation request within 30 days after paying the full amount of an annual plan only. Refund requests that are related to monthly plans will not be investigated by Arahoster’s team.
  2. Canceling or deactivating the hosting account, upgrading the hosting plan, or an additional service that was agreed to become active after more than 30 days subsequent to making the first payment, are not eligible for a refund.
  3. If a domain was registered during the purchase of a hosting plan, then the domain name registration additional fees will be excluded from the refunded amount. In case of a refund, domain name registration fees are always excluded. Even if those fees were waived when the purchase took place.
  4. In case of a refund, if a domain transfer was performed for a client for free as a part of an offer, the domain name transfer fees will be excluded from the refunded amount. The domain name transfer fees are always excluded from the refund amount, even if those fees were waived at the time of the purchase.
  5. SSL certificates, VPS hosting services, Reseller Services, Server Management, Seo Services, VPN Services, and Dedicated Servers are not included in the refund policy and are not eligible for a refund at all after a purchase has taken place.
  6. Domain names are not included in the refund policy either and are ineligible for a refund after a purchase has been made.
  7. Refund requests are considered eligible for 30 days after the first purchase only. Any refund request submitted that does not fit this criterion will not be considered by our team.

Service Cancellation By Arahoster:

Any of the services provided by the company may be canceled by us without prior notice and without any refund in case the company finds in good faith that the customer’s use of the service violates the terms of use, or that the client’s account is being used in any illegal activities. Arahoster cannot be held responsible for data loss if the cancellation is based on the previously mentioned reasons.

The company can also cancel any of its services if we find in good faith that the service has become impractical or irrelevant to offer, whether the decision is based on technical, legal, organizational, or any other factors. The client will, in that case, be notified in good time before the changes take place, which will be estimated by the company.

With prior notice of 7 days, the services that the client uses may be canceled with or without an apparent reason. After the seven-day period, the customer’s account will be terminated. The customer will be granted access to an archived backup of the account’s content from the date of termination. These backup files will be available for no more than 7 days. 7 days after the stop, all the data related to the account will be deleted.

If canceling the service by Arahoster is not based on violating the “Terms of Use” by the client, then Arahoster will refund the prepaid amount for the period the client will no longer get to use the account. Arahoster will provide the client with multiple choices for receiving the refund amount. In this case, it is the client’s responsibility to provide the necessary information for us to transfer the payment.

The client understands that if canceling the service by Arahoster is based on a violation of the terms of use by the client, then no amount paid by the client is eligible for a refund, and no refund will be done.