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Best Domain Reseller Program For Every One.

Arahoster Domain reseller program is the most advanced, turnkey solution available for reselling domain names in cost price.

One API, over 2000TLDs
You can access all LTD through one API.
NO minimum deposit
there’s no minimum deposit limit.
Free domain reseller account
you can become a domain reseller for free.
24/7 Reseller Support
Connect directly with a human.

How Domain Reseller pricingwork?

We have Four plans to the reseller: New reseller, Bronze Domain Reseller, Silver Domain Reseller and Gold Domain Reseller.


New Domain Reseller

Discount percentage ( 0% ).
Access to domain offers ( Reseller Offers).
24/7 Premium Live Support.
start line

Check below detailed information using the new comparison element:

Reseller's Level Comparison
Bronze Reseller
Sliver Reseller
Gold Reseller
Domains number

The Total number of domains you managed on Arahoster

Discount percentage

The Discount you will get form stander price

Access to domain offers

Monthly special offers

Free shared hosting

Totally free hosting

Support 24/7
Free whois protection

Free of charge for all Reseller

Popular LTD'S Prices
Bronze Reseller
Silver Reseller
Gold Reseller
Affordable prices

Buy Domain Reseller Advance Plan

Don't want to wait for the number of domains to be enough to move to a higher plan and thus get a better price and increase your profits? Don't worry, we offer you an alternative to that by subscribing to these plans starting from your first domain.

Bronze Reseller


Silver Reseller


Gold Reseller


Best Domain Reseller ProgramWHMCS module

Automate your order procedure, billing, and collections. It will reduce operation costs, reduce workload, and speed up time to market for a fast profit.

Ease of use
The fully-featured admin area provides simple but effective customer management.
Spend less, make more
Automate your order procedure, billing, and collections.
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Download Domain Reseller WHMCS module

All operations with domains are built into the Arahoster WHMCS module.

View/Update Nameservers
Get EPP Code
Domain Sync Script
Domain reseller Arahoster WHMCS module:
Exclusive Features

Frequently Asked Questions

A reseller is a third-party company that offers domain name registration services through a registrar but not all are ICANN accredited registrars.
No, we do not charge any kind of Activation or Sign-up Fee. Neither do we have any hidden costs. This is a Zero Investment business for you! We follow an advance pre-payment system. This means, that in order to resell, you first need to make an advance deposit in your account with us.Every time a purchase is made from your account, the respective funds will be deducted from your account. This advance deposit is fully usable by you, and is not time bound. This means, you can use the entire amount to buy any of our Products at any point of time in future.

Arahoster has 4 levels for reseller, every level depends on the number of the domain you manage on Arahoster.

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Crypto

We have a lot of discounts every month.

We provide a large number of domains TLDs you can register (More Than 2200 TLDs)

In case you do not have funds in your Reseller Account, and your Customer places an order, the order will be under 'Pending Execution' status. The order will be executed once you add the required amount of Funds.

We provide free Whois protection service for the resellers.

Our support team ready to help you 24/7/365. For free.